If Fire Wick Candles Are So Great, Why Don’t We See Them More Often?

When it comes to fire wick candle and why they are not more popular in today’s candle market, it is important to understand what happened in the past. Back during the 1930s, fire-wick candles were very common. People used them for everything from Christmas decorations to emergency power outage lights.

Today, however, fire wick candles are rare. Only a very small number of people still use them. This is mainly because it takes more knowledge and preparation to use them effectively at home.

In general, you must understand that when it comes to having a fire-wick candle burn for an extended period, you will need to be meticulous in your approach. If you put out the candle too early or leave the flame too long, then everything will go wrong, and you will waste your money on unburned wax.

Thus, one must learn when and when not to lit or turn off the flame. That`s why some of the things to know have been mentioned below. So that people do not end up wasting their money and hating the product.

The Best Times To Light Your Fire Wick Candle:

When lit By: Discoloration of the wax. The yellowish color caused by combustion is only temporary – it will eventually fade away as the heat dissipates and is absorbed by the air. Wax departs from pure white and becomes slightly yellow as it burns hotter temperatures generate.

Thus, people can notice through this that this can be the best time to light the fire so that they can get the best results out of it. That`s why people prefer to buy them as they work quite well after a person is capable of understanding them.

How To Properly Use A Fire Wick Candle?

The simple way to know the best time to light a fire wick candle is by watching for the color of the wick. Once it changes from pure white to a pale yellow, this is an indication that the wax has been subjected to higher temperatures, and its wicking properties have changed accordingly.

The fragrance scent also changes with each stage of burning. As a general rule, you will be able to burn a fire wick candle for approximately 45 minutes after lighting.

Put the wick in the center of the wax block. If it is to be used for outdoor use, deflate it fully as this will increase airflow and reduce the wax’s melting within the jar. In addition, the essential oils contained in essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, or thyme can prolong the life of your candle by giving off an aromatic smell when burned.

When To Put The Fire Out?

Another important thing to know while lighting a fire or while using it. For knowing when to do it, one must always keep a keen eye on the flames as they are the ones that will tell one about the time to do it. Doing so is also important as it can completely ruin the fun of a fire wick candle.

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